Finding the Best Online Betting Sites

The typical sports betting fan, asked how they would ascertain the best online betting sites, will probably have a simple requirement: they need to pay out lots of wins, as often as possible. That’s a somewhat Utopian fantasy, though.

Online sports betting, like all betting, is a gamble, and part of the thrill, for those sensible enough to gamble with money they can afford to lose, is the risk. The chance of losing makes the thrill of winning even sweeter, and any ardent punter is happy to go along with the roller-coaster ride as long as the wins and losses more or less balance out. If wins can exceed the losses consistently, so much the better. So a more practical definition of the best online betting sites will take a number of factors into account:

Legal Jurisdiction

Sports betting is not legal everywhere, and even in some states that allow sports betting in land-based betting shops, online betting is still restricted. Others will allow online betting, but restrict punters to certain sites or certain sports. Betting legally is a prerequisite to a pain-free online betting experience; in the event of any disputes, those playing illegally would have no recourse to the legal system for redress.

Ease of Action

One of the main attractions of online betting is its convenience; punters can lay some money down on an event anytime they like. With mobile access to online betting sites, they can even bet via smart phone, from anywhere. Whether they download betting apps or bet directly on the site via an Internet browser, speed and efficiency is a prime consideration. So to qualify as the best online betting sites, operations need to have software in place to make the betting process fast, easy and intuitive.

Reputation and Integrity

The best NZ online betting sites are those that conduct business honestly and fairly. They will pay out wins promptly, and resolve punter disputes quickly and satisfactorily. Before settling on any particular site, a punter should check what others have to say about it in online reviews, and keep an eye out for any sites that are consistently reported for problems: these are best avoided. Security and auditing certifications is a helpful sign on a site; they assure punters that the betting site has been judged legitimate by independent authorities.

Variety and Special Offers

The number of different sports an online site will offer a book on is also important; some sites specialise in certain sports, while others will allow betting on a whole range: boxing, ice hockey, football, motorsport, horse racing, cricket, rugby, cycling, and even pub sports like snooker and darts.

Different online betting sites also offer different bonuses at different times; there may be a matching bonus equal to the punter’s first deposit when they register, for example, or special bet options on specific sporting events. Punters registered at a number of sites and able to compare the bonus options on offer will usually consider the best online betting sites to be the ones offering the best deals on the day.